Florida Podiatric Medical Association

The Florida Podiatric Medical Association, FPMA, is a professional organization dedicated to promoting the scientific advancement of podiatric medicine. Each year, FPMA hosts two annual conferences to provide practitioners and exhibitors the opportunity to enhance relationships within the medical profession, obtain continued education credit, and advance efforts in the improvement of healthcare. 

FPMA wanted to establish a visual identity for the 2018 Summer Conference held each year in Bonita Springs, Florida. Conference attendees, comprised of FPMA members, sponsors and exhibitors, needed to obtain information and navigate various processes leading up to and while attending the event. 

 - Promote FPMA membership and conference attendance through branded deliverables
 - Increase engagement 

Serving as FPMA's sole designer, I developed the 2018 Summer Conference visual identity over the course of three months. Working alongside FPMA's event coordinator and receiving feedback from the executive board, I produced branded deliverables leading up the conference which was held in June 2018.


FPMA provided insight into member demographics as well as the needs of conference attendees. Information was also gathered from FPMA's website and social media pages, member and sponsor websites, the American Podiatric Medical Association website, and online sources for podiatric medical associations located in New York and California. Various health and wellness brands were analyzed for industry trends.

Target Audience
The Summer Conference audience consisted of members following one of two programs: the Physician Track and the X-Ray Assistant Track. Physician members of FPMA were predominately white, mid to upper middle class males over the age of 35 who practice podiatric medicine in the state of Florida. X-Ray Assistants are white, middle class, females between the ages of 25 and 40 working with physicians in the State of Florida. 

Summer Conference Logo

Visual Identity

The use of Roboto Slab for display type was influenced by the use of minimal serif display type currently trending in medical and health industry branding. Avenir Condensed was utilized as body copy because the sans serif type contrasts with the slab serif heading, and it's a familiar and easily legible font that has several weights for flexibility in application.
The most notable color element in this identity is the gradient, which blended the primary color palette at a 45 degree angle to give the illusion of water. This was another nod to the ocean, its associations of summer, and its proximity to the conference. 

Summer Conference Program

Physician Registration Form

Summer Conference Poster

Summer Conference Key Card - (left to right) Front, Envelope, Back