23andMe, one of the leading DNA testing companies, is dedicated to exploring the relationship between humans and their 23 pairs of chromosomes. I had the pleasure of working with Ruxly, a creative studio with notable clients like American Express and Microsoft, to implement client feedback, design responsive web landing pages, mobile pages and emails, and construct interactive elements based on user needs. 

Microsite mockup for 23andMe research event

Microsite mockup for 23andMe research event - mobile pages

Microsite mockup for 23andMe research event

Medical Stories Landing pages

Fertility newsletter targeted at research participants

The following are proposed social media posts submitted to Ruxly prior to working with 23andMe. The goal was to research and evaluate brand identities, design within brand guidelines, and expand on an existing brand style while maintaining consistency.
Design a Facebook post that 23andMe will use to announce the winner of the World cup. Adapt that same art to be posted on Instagram too. 

 - Research social media posts correct sizes
 - Research the brand's existing content around the World Cup
 - Use the brand colors, logos, and design style to capture the brand look and feel in your design

23andMe World Cup Winner Facebook Post

Researching 23andMe's online presence was the first step of my process. I maintained the layout of a similar social media campaign the company was running at the time and updated specific elements. The gradient was inspired by 23andMe's profile image and was a blend of the colors of the French flag. The image of the trophy supports the post text and the tagline prompts the user to engage with 23andMe.

23andMe World Cup Winner social media mockups

23andMe World Cup Winner Instagram Post