23andMe is a DNA testing company dedicated to exploring the relationship between humans and their 23 pairs of chromosomes. I had the pleasure of working with Miami-based creative agency Ruxly in producing and designing digital assets to support the company's rebranding. Deliverables included an email campaign focused on fertility research and responsive web pages targeted at medical professionals.
The following are proposed social media posts submitted to Ruxly prior to working with 23andMe. The goal was to research and evaluate brand identities, design within brand guidelines, and expand on an existing brand style while maintaining consistency.
Design a Facebook post that 23andMe will use to announce the winner of the World cup. Adapt that same art to be posted on Instagram too. 

    Research social media posts correct sizes
   Research the brand's existing content around the World Cup
   Use the brand colors, logos, and design style to capture the brand look and feel in your design